The Laurianda Clothing Company designs and produces women's garments with a corset-style, built-in waist shaper called THE PERFECT ASSISTANT. Created from client's requests regarding constant waistband roll down, a fit & flare shape, and a tailored fit, THE PERFECT ASSISTANT cinches the waist by at least 1" and provides a firm, yet comfortable hold. 

Since 2007, The Laurianda Clothing Company has been offering designer clothing through different distribution channels such as specialty boutiques and online drop-shipping. In 2017, we changed our business model to focus on our turnkey operations. We are an apparel manufacturer offering profitable business opportunities. With over 20 years of combined experience in fabric sourcing, apparel production, financing, and customer service, our company now becomes part of the overall health of the US economy.

Each garment is produced in-house by trained artisans. "After several years of teaching sewing classes throughout the east coast, I had no reason to send production overseas. Instead, our artisan program enforces skill development and confidence in exploring form of income in a creative field," says Laurianda C Elements, Owner of The Laurianda Clothing Company. We encourage the novice sewer to join our free training  courses in zippers, cutting, and sewing seams. This way when shifts become available, they are qualified for more opportunities to earn money and experience. 

On another spectrum of business, our patent pending product is sold through independent distributors that serve as fashion consultants. We provide a low-cost business opportunity that has great income potential and includes drop shipping. 

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